15 Must-Have Things to Pack for Your Pigeon Forge Cabin Vacation

It can be difficult to know what to pack for a vacation, and there’s almost always the fear that you may be forgetting something important. We don’t want you to stress about your vacation, so we’ve put together this packing list that you can double-check to make sure you have all the essentials before heading out! Here are 15 must-have things to pack for your Pigeon Forge cabin vacation that you don’t want to forget:

1. Important Documents

Before you embark on your Pigeon Forge cabin vacation, make sure you have all your important documents packed somewhere that’s easy to access, such as a specific pocket in your purse or backpack. You don’t want to have to dig through suitcases to find things when you need them. Important documents could include plane tickets, passports, driver’s licenses, reservation confirmations, attraction tickets, etc. 

2. Entertainment

kids using electronics on car rideIf your Pigeon Forge cabin vacation includes a long car ride, you’ll want to make sure you pack things to keep the kids–and adults!–entertained. This could include car games, books, headphones, and movies. You’ll also want to bring entertainment for the cabin, such as board games to play together and books to read independently.

3. Variety of Clothes

The weather in the Smoky Mountains can change in an instant. Because it could be warm one day and chilly the next, it’s important to bring a variety of clothes on your Pigeon Forge cabin vacation. Pack everything from a jacket to shorts to a raincoat so you’ll be prepared. It’s also a good idea to pack for any occasion so you’re ready for anything, like going on a hike in the national park as well as grabbing a nice steak dinner

4. Swimsuit

Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit for your Pigeon Forge cabin vacation. A lot of our cabins feature private hot tubs, swimming pool access, or even private indoor heated pools! You won’t want to miss out on using these fantastic amenities. Plus, there are some great water activities nearby, such as river rafting and visiting Dollywood’s Splash Country.

5. Hiking Gear

Does your Pigeon Forge cabin vacation include plans to explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park? The park features many miles of hiking trails, ranging from easy hikes to challenging ones. Make sure you bring hiking boots, proper clothing, a backpack, water bottle, flashlight, and park map so you can have a safe and fun hiking adventure.

6. Sun Protection

young woman applying sunscreen while wearing wide-brimmed hatYou should always bring sun protection with you when you’re going on vacation. This includes sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats with visors to protect your skin and eyes from the sun that shines bright no matter the time of year. It’s also a good idea to bring some aloe vera in case you get a sunburn during your trip.

7. Food

Food is an essential to pack for your Pigeon Forge cabin vacation. You’ll need travel snacks for car and plane rides as well as food to keep in your cabin. Our cabins feature fully equipped kitchens, so you can store your favorite snacks and cook meals easily inside your cabin. If you forget anything, don’t worry–there are several grocery stores in the area where you can find what you need.

8. Chargers

It’s easy to forget to bring chargers when you leave for vacation. You don’t want to have to stop at a store to pick up a charger for your phone, camera, or tablet, so double-check your bags to make sure you have the chargers you need for all your electronics.

9. Bug Spray

You’ll want to make sure you bring bug spray on your Pigeon Forge cabin vacation. The Smoky Mountains are home to mosquitos and other insects, and getting itchy bug bites is never fun. Apply bug spray before setting out into the woods to protect yourself and your kids from an itchy vacation. It’s also a good idea to bring some anti-itch cream just in case anyone gets a bug bite.

10. First Aid Kit

packing red first aid kit in hiking backpackYou never know what can happen, so it’s always a good idea to bring a first aid kit with you when you travel. Bandages can patch up minor cuts and scrapes, and over-the-counter painkillers can help relieve a headache or sore muscle so you don’t have to put your vacation plans on hold.

11. Laundry Supplies

Our cabins come equipped with washers and dryers so you can clean your clothes as needed. Remember to pack detergent and dryer sheets in case you need to do some laundry during your Pigeon Forge cabin vacation.

12. Toiletries

It’s not uncommon to forget to pack all of the toiletries you’ll need for your trip. Be sure to grab all your essentials, such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving products, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, and anything else you may need during Pigeon Forge cabin vacation.

13. Medications

If you take prescription medications regularly or on an as-needed basis, you’ll want to double-check that you have enough of your medications to last for your entire vacation. You can find over-the-counter medicines at the stores in the area, but you may have a more difficult time getting a prescription transferred to pick up a medication you forgot to pack.

14. Water

unscrewing cap on plastic water bottleIt’s always a good idea to pack water so you can be sure you have enough to drink. You’ll want water for car rides and outdoor activities. If you don’t want to drink from the tap, you may also want to bring a case of water to keep in your cabin rental.

15. Pet Supplies

Are you bringing your pet with you to stay at one of our pet-friendly cabins in Pigeon Forge? If so, you’ll want to remember to pack everything your pet needs, too. Some of the things to pack for your pet-friendly vacation include food, treats, water and food bowls, toys, collars and leashes, a kennel, a pet bed, etc.

This packing list will help you remember some of the most important items to bring on your Pigeon Forge cabin vacation. Now that you know what to pack, it’s time to book your Pigeon Forge cabin rental and start planning the ultimate Smoky Mountain vacation!

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