Pet traveling on vacation
November 28, 2018

The Smokies are one of the best places in the country to visit on vacation! So, why not include the whole family and bring your pet along too? Pets not only make you feel more at home while you’re away, but they also add another layer of fun to the trip! Just be sure to pack everything they need to be happy. To help you come prepared, here is a list of what to pack for a pet-friendly Smoky Mountain vacation.

1. Food, Treats and a Water Bowl

puppy with a toy

It is important to remember to bring a water bowl and enough food to last for the duration of your stay. Depending on your dog’s needs, they may also require a special brand of food. You should pack or buy it ahead of time just in case it’s not available at the shopping centers when you arrive. When it comes to treats, you should still bring their favorites from home. However, since it’s not their primary source of food, you can be a little more adventurous. There are quite a few places that make great treats. One of those is Maddog’s Creamery, an ice cream shop where you can also get a dog donut treat for your pup!

3. Toys and a Leash or Two

There are tons of pet-friendly attractions in the Smokies, but pretty much all of them require your dog to be on a leash while you’re there. It’s a good idea to bring an extra leash as well, just in case the one you have breaks or your dog nibbles through it. To prevent them from gnawing at their leash on the way here, give them a toy or bone to play with instead! These things will keep them occupied at the cabin too and can be lots of fun when you play with your furry friend.

4. Kennel and Pet Bed

dog in pet bed

Whether you’re traveling by plane or car, you should make sure that your pet has a comfy place to rest their head. Depending on the size and breed of your pet, you may be able to have them right beside you while you fly. However, you should always bring a kennel just in case. Even if you’re traveling by car, it’s always a good idea to bring your pet’s kennel or a pet bed so that they feel comfortable and secure. Having these familiar items will also help them feel more at home when they are at the cabin.

5. Check Vaccines and Bring Medications

There’s nothing worse than having a sick pup on vacation, so make sure they’re up to date on all of their vaccines before you head for your trip! These vaccines will help protect your pet from the unlikely event of them catching something while you’re away from home. If your pet is on any medications, you should double check that you have those packed as well. Taking their medication correctly is essential for them to regain or maintain their good health.

Now that you know what to pack to keep your pet happy, it’s time to start planning your Smoky Mountain vacation! Browse our selection of Pigeon Forge cabins to find the perfect place to stay while you’re in town. We look forward to seeing you and your furry friend at Eagles Ridge!