The Barn at Ole Smoky Moonshine

4 Pigeon Forge Distilleries You Have to Visit

What’s a proper vacation without a little sauce to spice things up?! We’re not talking about BBQ sauce here! No, rather the real deal for adults only! Life is tough and you deserve a break on vacation! So, how about dropping by one of several awesome distilleries in Pigeon Forge for a night of fun! Here are 4 Pigeon Forge distilleries to visit:

1. Old Forge Distillery

old forge distillery in pigeon forge

Old Forge Distillery makes moonshine, gin, cream liqueurs, bourbon whiskey and several other distilled spirits! Located next to the historic Old Mill, Old Forge is a family-friendly distillery complete with a lounge and patio area! Drop by and catch the distillery’s stills in action, sample numerous spirits, and browse a large selection of spirits in the shop. There’s no need for a distillery tour because all the alcohol-making equipment is out in the open for all to see! Did we mention dogs are allowed?!

2. “The Barn” at Ole Smoky Moonshine

Deep in the heart of Pigeon Forge at The Island, “The Barn” at Ole Smoky Moonshine features some of the finest locally-produced moonshines, whiskies and canned cocktails! Put your dancing shoes on because live bluegrass music is often playing right outside! Another family- and dog-friendly option, “The Barn” does offer distillery tours. Offering a seemingly endless list of moonshine flavors, there’s no lack of options for the average visitor! Moonshine flavors include Hunch Punch Lightnin’, Moonshine Peaches, and Sour Watermelon!

3. Junction 35 Spirits

Junction 35 Spirits in Pigeon Forge

The variety of spirits produced by Junction 35 Spirits includes bourbon, rye whiskey, moonshine, vodka, gin, rum and tequila! On top of that are their specialty crafted cocktails using their own bold spirits! Make a trip over to the bar to sample spirits on a sampling menu that changes daily. The “Junction 35” name pays tribute to the men who built railroads and train stations! During the height of the railroad industry, people would gather and celebrate at a place they called “The Junction.”

4. Tennessee Shine Co.

At Tennessee Shine Co., they combine decades-old family recipes and distillation techniques with an infusion of a range of flavors! Tennessee Shine Co. produces a litany of moonshine flavors, such as Jalapeno Cornbread, Pumpkin Spice and Choco Moo Shine. Try out their numerous cream shine flavors inspired by Moon Pies! The flavors are endless here, so sit back and enjoy your time away from home! One of top Pigeon Forge distilleries, Tennessee Shine Co. creates whiskies with a smooth and subtle taste yet a robust body!

Before you get to drinking, make sure to do so responsibly! Don’t you dare try it on an empty stomach! With plenty of top-notch eateries in Pigeon Forge, there’s no excuse not to fill up the stomach beforehand. Check out these 5 places to eat in Pigeon Forge for lunch!

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