Enhance Your Stay: 3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our 3 Bedroom Cabins in Pigeon Forge With a Loft

honeysuckle holler cabin
January 13, 2023

Staying in a Smoky Mountain cabin is a fun experience, especially with a group! Our 3 bedroom cabins provide all the comforts of home plus some! Do you want to make your stay even more enhanced? Some of our 3 bedroom cabins have a loft as an added feature! These lofts provide privacy and at the same time inclusion. You’ll also find unique amenities up there as well! Here are 3 reasons why you’ll love our 3 bedroom cabins in Pigeon Forge with a loft:

1. Fun Amenities at Our 3 Bedroom Cabins in Pigeon Forge

smoky mountain top cabin loft

One great thing about staying in a Smoky Mountain cabin is all the loaded amenities you will get to enjoy during your stay! We know you will want to take advantage of these fun amenities at your cabin rental! A loft provides a great space for entertainment. Some of our 3 bedroom cabins in Pigeon Forge with a loft even have a game room! Have hours of fun playing up in the loft during your stay. Some gaming amenities you can find in the loft include a pool table. Play a few rounds of pool or just kick back on the comfortable furniture. However you decide to choose to use your loft, will result in fun.

2. Feel Private But Included With a Cabin Loft

The lofts at our 3 bedroom cabins in Pigeon Forge are not only unique but private and inclusive at the same time! Enjoy having a place to retreat that is still close to your group. Our lofts are not completely closed off and may provide a nice overlook into the living room. You’ll be able to keep communications open with those on the first floor of the cabin. Another benefit is the feeling of openness a loft provides to your cabin rental! Enjoy the gorgeous wood cabin interior and high ceilings as you have fun in the loft on the second floor!

3. Our Lofts at Our 3 Bedroom Pigeon Forge Cabins Are Cozy

almost heaven cabin room

A stay in our 3 bedroom cabins in Pigeon Forge will be a comfortable experience! When you select a cabin with a loft, you’ll love the unique look and cozy setting a loft provides. Our cabin lofts provide a cozy setting but will still have a feeling of openness. Definitely use the loft space as you wish and take full advantage of this unique cabin feature. Some guests like to hang out in the loft and use it as a second sitting area, while others like to use it as an additional bedroom. Whatever you choose to use your loft as it will be a cozy option and provide a nice touch to your cabin stay.

You have just learned how to enhance your stay by staying in one of our 3 bedroom cabins with a loft. Are you interested in learning about more of our other cabins with lofts? Browse all of our 2 bedroom cabins with lofts perfect for couples and small families. You will love the convenience of staying in our cabins just minutes from downtown Pigeon Forge!