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All the Details About the Pigeon Forge Escape Rooms at Crave Golf Club

If you are a fan of escape games, you will be excited to know Crave Golf Club in Pigeon Forge ha some of the best escape rooms for you to enjoy! These are fun and challenging games that are perfect for families and groups to enjoy together! Here is everything you need to know about the Pigeon Forge escape rooms at Crave Golf Club:

What to Expect

outside of crave golf club in pigeon forgeEach of these Pigeon Forge escape rooms at Crave Golf Club is an exciting 30-minute experience that is sure to become a highlight of your vacation in the Smokies! You simply need to make a reservation at Crave Golf Club and choose one of the themed escape rooms, or try them both to see which is your favorite! After your escape room adventure, be sure to stick around for some of the other attractions, such as the rooftop miniature golf course, the indoor miniature golf course, and the mini bowling alley!

Game Room Themes

You can choose from a couple of themes at the escape rooms at Crave. If you are unfamiliar with escape rooms, these games offer a themed interactive experience where you must solve a variety of puzzles to successfully “escape” from the room before time runs out! Check out the themes of the new games:

Mayday Escape Room

people discussing how to solve puzzle in an escape gameOne of the Pigeon Forge escape rooms at Crave Golf Club is the Mayday Escape Room, which is submarine adventure themed! As you step into the room, you find your exotic submarine cruise has turned into a nightmare as you are trapped inside with your fellow passengers! As the clock ticks away, cold sea water starts to fill up the submarine. You must work quickly with your crew to seal all of the doors before you and your vessel are claimed by the sea forever!

Zombie Escape Room

If you are a horror movie fanatic, you will love experiencing the Zombie Escape Room at Crave Golf Club! You and your team are working hard in an isolated Zombie Research Lab to find a cure for the deadly Zombyte virus. Your must solve the puzzles as quickly as possibly because the virus turns cybernetically enhanced humans into zombies, and a horde of them is closing in on your lab! See if you have what it takes to defeat this infestation of the walking dead before they seal your fate!

Where to Stay

Smoky Mountain Escape Pigeon Forge cabinStay close to these Pigeon Forge escape rooms in our cabin rentals! Our affordable cabins are just minutes away from all of the exciting attractions, shops, and restaurants Pigeon Forge has to offer! While staying with us, enjoy all types of fantastic amenities, including fully equipped kitchens for easy meal preparation, private decks with scenic mountain views, relaxing hot tubs, and much more!

Check out all of our cabins in Pigeon Forge TN today to be one of the first guests to experience the new Pigeon Forge escape rooms at Crave Golf Club! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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