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4 Reasons You Should Bring the Kids to Our Cabins in the Smokies

Many families love to get away on vacation, and when you book one of our cabins in the Smokies, you’ll find plenty of options for enjoyment with your kids no matter how old they are. There’s beauty all around, and it’s a great idea to bring the kids along for some quality family bonding time. We have 4 good reasons why a vacation with us is great for your children!

1. Show Them the Beauty of Nature

Our cabins are an ideal place to go on an outdoor adventure with the kids. When you stay with us, you not only have access to kid friendly hiking trails near your cabin, you can also take a drive with the kids into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where you’ll be surrounded by a diverse display of colors that even your children will find fascinating. Taking them on a nature walk can also be a great teaching moment to show them how to respect their environment, and that can have a powerful influence on their future.

2. They Will Enjoy the Pool

A stay at one of our cabins in the Smokies will have a lot of what you’re looking for nearby as well. After your nature walk, we have a sparkling outdoor pool — perfect for hot days — that’s just waiting for you. You will be reminded of your own youthfulness when you enjoy a swim with the little ones and can spend quality time together. For older kids, they’ll also appreciate the fun and coolness of swimming in our nice resort pool.

pool at our cabin in the Smokies A few of our cabins even have private indoor pools that you can enjoy. Don’t worry about fighting the pool crowds on hot summer days, and instead enjoy a dip in the privacy of your cabin. These pools are also great in the winter when it’s too chilly to swim outside.

3. Games to Play at the Cabin

Sometimes the weather may not be very cooperative when you’re staying at our cabins in the Smoky Mountains. We hope it’s nice, but the amenities we provide will give you quality time playing with your kids — and age doesn’t matter! Many of our cabins come equipped with card and board games, but plenty come with the added enjoyment of pool tables, foosball, and ping pong tables just to name a few. Share your special memories doing these activities with your kids, because these are the ones that last a lifetime.

4. Quick Drive Away From Pigeon Forge

pigeon forgeWhile you can have plenty of fun with the kids at our cabins, there’s more memories to be made just down the road. You heard correct! Our cabins are conveniently located so you don’t have to go far to enjoy the many kid-friendly attractions in Pigeon Forge. Go to a go-kart track for a race, or hop on kiddie rides with your young children. What makes it enticing is the fact that you can enjoy the kid prices that many businesses offer. Explore as many activities as you can possibly fit into your vacation with the kids!

Our cabins in the Smokies have everything you need for the perfect vacation with your kids. The memories you give them on this trip may make them do the same with their kids when they get older. They’ll also remember that Eagles Ridge Resort was where they stayed, so ​book a cabin​ now to give your children these unforgettable memories!

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