Flyaway Indoor Skydiving in Pigeon Forge.

Top 5 Indoor Adventures to Try When You Stay in Our Pigeon Forge Cabins

If the weather isn’t going your way, or you just don’t feel like being outdoors, there are still plenty of things you can explore indoors! You don’t have to be outside to go on fun adventures! When you stay in our Pigeon Forge cabins, you’ll be near some exciting indoor activities. Here are the top 5 indoor adventures you can try while you’re here:

1. Indoor Mini Golf

Crave Golf Club in Pigeon Forge.Who said mini golf can only be played outdoors? Crave Golf Club in Pigeon Forge has a 19-hole indoor course for you to enjoy! The 18,000 square-foot course weaves you through a scene straight out of Candy Land. You’ll play through cliffs of cocoa, ice cream sculpted canyons and a sweet safari! After you finish the course, treat the winner to a gourmet milkshake at the Milkshake Bar. Signature shakes include Ice Cream Canyon, Jelly Bean Jungle, Rock Candy Mountain and so many more delicious flavors!

2. Indoor Skydiving

Have you ever dreamed that you could fly? Well, now you can! Flyaway Indoor Skydiving gives you the experience of flying without you having to worry about jumping from a plane or falling out of the sky! Get your adrenaline pumping as you soar in the air! Flyaway Indoor Skydiving is America’s first vertical wind tunnel! Sport skydivers, competition teams and military units often use it for training, but you can use it just for fun too!

3. TopJump Trampoline Park

girl in a foam pitTopJump Trampoline Park will be an adventure to remember. At TopJump Trampoline Park and Climbing Center, you’ll be able to fly high and do awesome tricks like flipping into an airbag or dunking like Jordan! From an open jump, to a ninja course, to basketball, to a foam pit, this park has it all. Bounce around in the trampoline park or head to the Clip ‘n Climb section of the park to reach new heights! There is also an arcade where you can win the hottest prizes in Pigeon Forge and a candy store so you can satisfy your sweet tooth!

4. Indoor Ropes Course

For a thrilling, glow-in-the-dark adventure, try the Indoor Ropes Challenge at WonderWorks! WonderWorks has the world’s largest indoor ropes course! When you climb these 4 stories of ropes, you’ll encounter more than 50 different obstacles and activities. Some of these obstacles include swinging steps, lily pads and a tremor bridge. You’ll be able to test both your mental and physical abilities on this indoor adventure. Nothing will compare to the sense of accomplishment you’ll get when you finish the course!

5. Laser Tag

lazerport-pigeon-forgeLaser tag is the perfect indoor adventure! When you go to LazerPort Fun Center in Pigeon Forge, you’ll be stepping foot in the largest laser tag arena in the Smoky Mountains. The venue has two laser tag arenas, both more than 7,000 feet each! Get geared up and ready for some heart-pounding fun. After you finish your game of laser tag, play the only indoor blacklight mini-golf course in Pigeon Forge to experience miniature golf in a whole new light!

You don’t have to be outdoors to have an exciting adventure. Rain or shine, you’ll have a good time when you try these indoor activities. When you stay in our Pigeon Forge cabins, you’ll be close to all the fun! Browse all our Pigeon Forge cabins and start planning your trip today!

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