4 Reasons Why Our Group Cabins in Pigeon Forge Are Better Than a Hotel

Eagles Ridge Cabin
September 6, 2022

Planning a group getaway such as a family reunion or work retreat takes a lot of time and effort. We want to take away the stress associated with the planning process and make your group’s time together more fun. Here are 4 reasons why our group cabins in Pigeon Forge are better than a hotel.

1. Be Spread Out But Still Close Together

If you want to book multiple rooms in a hotel for a group vacation, you’ll have to do it far in advance if you want the rooms to be right next to each other. Additionally, the price of the individual rooms can add up fast. Our group cabins in Pigeon Forge can sleep multiple people. In fact, our largest cabin comfortably sleeps up to 30 people. If your group is larger than 30 people, they can stay in cabins that are close together. It is worth noting that our floor plans are very spacious, so it allows all guests to remain close together while still having plenty of room.

View From Eagles Ridge Cabin2. Enjoy Nature While Getting Work Done

Our group cabins in Pigeon Forge are situated right in the middle of picturesque nature scenery. If your group is primarily there for work rather than leisure, all of the cabins offer high-speed internet access. If you don’t want to do your work inside, you can take your work outside by sitting in a rocking chair on the deck. The fresh mountain air and sounds of nature will definitely clear your mind. Therefore, you can have reduced stress and increased productivity.

3. Hot Tub and Pool Access

Whether you are at our group cabins in Pigeon Forge for work or leisure, we all need time to unwind. Take a well deserved break by sitting in the hot tub on the deck. Feel your stress melt away in the warmth of the water. Along with the hot tubs, our group cabins also offer seasonal access to a resort pool. Some of our cabins even have game rooms where you engage in a little friendly competition over a game of pool or foosball.

4. Big Kitchen

Kitchen in Group Cabin

The kitchen can serve two functions on a group vacation. First, it can be a place to build teamwork when everyone comes together to cook a delicious meal. Second, it can be a place for general togetherness. More specifically, if you are there for work, the kitchen can be a place where your group gathers to share individual work and ideas. At our group cabins, you won’t have to worry about paying extra for a central meeting place. Additionally, you won’t have to find a free meeting place in town such as a coffee shop. Whatever the situation, the kitchen in our group cabins makes it easy for your group to gather together. They have long tables with plenty of seating. These features make it a great place to foster new ideas and build relationships!

Our group cabins in Pigeon Forge are great for many different types of vacations! Explore all of our group cabins in Pigeon Forge and find the perfect one for your group!