Everything You Need to Know About the Fun Time Trolley in Pigeon Forge

pigeon forge trolley
June 10, 2019

Do you want to be able to focus on seeing what there is to do around town instead of navigating through traffic? Then you should ride the Fun Time Trolley in Pigeon Forge! For a minimal price, you can enjoy looking around as you travel to see what you want to do instead of focusing on the road. Read further to find out everything you need to know about the Fun Time Trolley in Pigeon Forge.

Station Location

Sign for Patriot Park

The trolley system in Pigeon Forge was established to create an easy way for people to travel around the surrounding cities. Located in Patriot Park next to Old Mill Square, the Fun Time Trolley station is centrally located in Pigeon Forge, making it easy to access. If the parking lot at the station is full, there is more parking at the Municipal Parking Lot on Teaster Lane. Parking in this area is free, and transport to the station is free.

Trolley Fares

If you opt to ride the trolley, you can choose between two different ways to pay. Plan on using the trolley all day every day you’re here? Then you should purchase a colored wristband for all day use. If you’re just planning on using it for a day or two, then you can just pay as you board. Please make sure you have exact change since the bus drivers cannot give you change. The all-day pass will not work on Gatlinburg trolleys. Here are the trolley fares:

  • North Parkway – $.100
  • South Parkway – $1.00
  • Gatlinburg Welcome Center – $1.00
  • Dollywood – $2.50
  • Dolly’s Splash Country – $2.50
  • Wears Valley – $1.00
  • All Day Pass (Colored wristband) – $3.00
  • Children age 3 and under – Free

Trolley Routes

aerial view of pigeon forge

From the station, you can ride to Sevierville, Dollywood, Gatlinburg, or anywhere in Pigeon Forge. There’s a total of 6 routes, taking you wherever you want to go!

North Parkway

The North Parkway trolley takes you from Patriot Park through Pigeon Forge and into Sevierville, turning at Governor’s Crossing. This trolley runs every 20 minutes.

South Parkway

The South Parkway trolley in Pigeon Forge takes you onto Teaster Lane, stops at the LeConte Event Center, and ends at Jake Thomas Road. It also travels past area campgrounds and Dolly’s Stampede. This trolley runs every 25 minutes.

Gatlinburg Welcome Center

The Gatlinburg Welcome Center trolley runs from Patriot Park straight to the Gatlinburg Welcome Center. From here, you can board any of the Gatlinburg trolleys, depending on where you want to go! This trolley runs every 30 minutes.

dollywood sign with plants shaped like a butterflyDollywood

Save yourself some money and travel to Dollywood by trolley! It constantly is running to and from Dollywood, arriving every 15 minutes.

Dollywood’s Splash Country

This trolley runs from Patriot Park to Dollywood’s Splash Country. It runs every 20 minutes.

Wears Valley

The Wears Valley trolley runs from area campgrounds and other businesses west of Pigeon Forge. This trolley runs every 40 to 45 minutes.

Everyone will love riding the trolley in Pigeon Forge! Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Looking for more information about things to do around Pigeon Forge? Check out our things to do in Pigeon Forge page to find out more.