5 Water Slides You Have to Ride at Dollywood’s Splash Country This Summer

yellow inner tube floating in a pool
June 26, 2019

As one of the most popular places to be during the summer, Dollywood’s Splash Country is just the place you need to visit! This popular water park has exciting attractions for all ages, including some of the most amazing water slides in the nation. From traditional tube slides to unique slides where you can race your friends, you will find it all at this incredible mountain oasis. Here are 5 thrilling water slides you need to experience at Dollywood’s Splash Country this summer:

1. Big Bear Plunge

boy riding water ride

One of the most thrilling water slides at Dollywood’s Splash Country is the Big Bear Plunge, a massive attraction with tubes that can accommodate up to 4 riders! During this extreme white water rafting adventure, you will wind your way through dark caverns and experience steep drops that will thrill you during the ride. The grand finale features a soaking wall of water you will crash through just before sliding down into the pool below!

2. Fire Tower Falls

If you are feeling brave enough to challenge the tallest and fastest slides at Dollywood’s Splash Country, get in line to experience Fire Tower Falls! These twin free fall slides are 70 feet tall and propel you on a breathtaking journey down one of the 280-foot-long tracks! Your ride ends with a major splash as you come flying down into a 140-foot-long lane filled with water. If you have the guts to ride Fire Tower Falls, you’ll have bragging rights to all of your friends and family for a lifetime!

3. SwiftWater Run

inner tubes lined and stacked against a wall

Hold on tight for a splash-filled adventure on SwiftWater Run, a bowl-style water slide you have to see to believe! After your initial plunge, your raft is sent flying into the bowl as the current sends you around in circles through the corkscrew tunnel! Once you finally catch your breath, you are sent sailing down the chute to the bottom of the slide. You will certainly be dizzy with excitement after your ride on the SwiftWater Run!

4. Slick Rock Racer

See if you have what it takes to beat your friends to the finish line on the Slick Rock Racer, a unique racing slide at Dollywood’s Splash Country! This multi-lane mat slide is 300 feet long and features 4 racing lanes side by side. Once you position yourself stomach down on the mat, you travel head first down the lane, which includes an initial dip to build up your speed! You then will drop down several bumps along the slide to propel yourself to the finish line!

5. Wild River Falls

people coming out of a waterslide

Wild River Falls lives up to its name with a collection of 4 exhilarating slides you will want to ride again and again! Each of the slides features tunnels, twists, turns, and plenty of cool water to keep you refreshed on a hot summer day. Be sure to try all 4 slides to see which one is your favorite!

Since you know which water slides you need to experience at Dollywood’s Splash Country, stay close to all of the action with a vacation at our cabins for rent! We look forward to seeing you this summer!