wild eagle
March 10, 2021

If you love roller coasters, then you have to go to Dollywood the next time you’re in the Smokies! You’ll find all kinds of roller coasters at Dollywood. Almost everyone will want to ride them all, from kids to adults. Here are the top 6 roller coasters at Dollywood you need to ride:

1. Mystery Mine

mystery mine

Mystery Mine is a unique roller coaster. It has a miner theme set in the mountains. All along the way to get to the car, you’ll see warnings about seeing black birds on your way to the mine. The car holds 8 people at a time, and you’ll love dipping and turning along the way. Mystery Mine actually is the only coaster in the park that does 90 degree hills and has a corkscrew at the end. You’ll love the story and excitement of this coaster!

2. Tennessee Tornado

One of the oldest roller coaster at Dollywood is the Tennessee Tornado. Although it may be one of the originals, it’s still a classic ride you have to experience! The theme is a tornado has torn through town, and you will be swept up by it. There are 3 loops and a fun drop along the Tennessee Tornado!

3. Thunderhead

thunderhead roller coaster at dollywood

Thunderhead was the first wooden roller coaster at Dollywood. The entire ride is constructed of wood, and it’s definitely one of the most intense coasters in the park. You’ll love the 100 foot drop and top speeds of 55 miles per hour. You’ll blast through twists and turns the entire ride. The coaster goes over and under itself over 30 times.

4. Wild Eagle

The Wild Eagle Dollywood roller coaster is designed to look like an eagle. You’ll find eagles in the Smokies, and they are an icon in our country. One of the coolest things about this coaster is it is one of the first wing coasters in the country. Riders side to the side of the track, with their feet completely suspended, making it feel like they are flying through the air. The tallest part of this coaster is 21 stories tall, and you’ll twist and turn and go through loops.

5. Lightning Rod

lightning rod roller coaster at dollywood

Lightning Rod is the second wooden roller coaster at Dollywood. It is themed after a 1950s era hot rod, and the coaster itself goes from 0 to 45 as it blasts up a 20-story hill. Then you’ll race down the 165 foot drop and reach top speeds of 73 miles per hour. You might find yourself holding your breath as you race along in the Lightning Rod!

6. Blazing Fury

The oldest Dollywood roller coaster is Blazing Fury. It’s a fan favorite of many people who have visited the park over the years. Riders are taken through a town that has been ravaged by a fire, and you’ll see mannequins and moving parts along the ride. You’ll find surprise drops along the last portion of the ride. Kids and adults will love Blazing Fury!

There are so many roller coasters at Dollywood you’ll want to ride. Want to know what else you should do when you stay with us? Check out these other Pigeon Forge attractions!