February 1, 2018

Riding go karts is an exciting activity for people of all ages to enjoy in Pigeon Forge. Experience the thrill of the wind whipping through your hair as you race at top speeds along some of the best tracks in Pigeon Forge. There are so many amazing tracks in the area, so to help you decide where to go, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 places to ride go karts in Pigeon Forge.

1. The Track

The Track is one of the best places to ride go karts for people of all ages! If you’re looking for a thrill, try the Wild Woody track, where you’ll race up 3-and-a-half elevated stories, then circle back down. Watch out for the drop at the bottom that’s sure to make your heart skip a beat! There is also a Family Track that features a curvy track for classic go-karting. There are double go karts available so you can ride with a family member. Kids will love both the Rookie Karts track and the Kiddie Karts track. Parents get your cameras ready to snap pictures of your little ones as they race around the track! The Track has more than just go karts! There are thrill rides, kiddie rides, bumper cars, an arcade and more! Try it all when you visit The Track in Pigeon Forge.

go-kart-racing-pigeon-forge2. SpeedZone Fun Park

SpeedZone Fun Park’s name speaks for itself! Satisfy your need for speed when you race on the 4 unique go-kart tracks. The Slick Track was made for speed demons. Challenge your friends to a race to see who comes out on top! The Tennessee Twister is the wildest wooden track in Pigeon Forge. With plenty of twists and turns, this track is for the adventurous! The Coaster Track has both double and single karts so the family can ride together, and the Kids Track lets the youngest racers take a turn in the driver’s seat. You’re in for an afternoon of fun when you visit SpeedZone Fun Park.

3. Rockin’ Raceway

Rockin’ Raceway is a must-see when you visit Pigeon Forge! Not only does it have one of the fastest, slickest tracks in the Smokies, but there is also a giant arcade with games for every member of the family. Speed through all the curves on the thrilling track before heading inside to the arcade and try your hand at winning awesome prizes at the redemption center! You won’t want to miss out on all the excitement at Rockin’ Raceway.

4. Xtreme Racing Center

A boy driving a go kart.Xtreme Racing Center has some of the fastest go karts in Pigeon Forge, which is why it’s one of the top places to ride go karts in the area! The karts have the newest and most innovative racing technology, which makes them faster and more fun. Xtreme Racing Center has three thrilling race courses for visitors to choose from. Go for a spin on our Xtreme track, which is filled with winding turns, narrow straightaways and plenty of adventure! The second course is even more thrilling, as guests ride on the same track, but in reverse! Elevated Track is the third course, which is a 1,500 foot elevated track. Try it on your own in a single kart, or tag along with a family member or friend in the double kart!

5. Blake Jones Racing Center

Rain or shine, it’s racing time at Blake Jones Racing Center! The racing center has one of the few figure 8 slick tracks in the area, and the only indoor electric go karts! The Figure 8 Slick Track is one go kart track you don’t want to miss out on. You can ride in a single or double go kart. The indoor electric go karts are the only indoor, climate-controlled go karts in the Smokies! The go karts are eco-friendly and have various speed settings, so everyone from beginners to pros can go for a ride. The weather won’t get in the way of going go-kart racing when you visit Blake Jones Racing Center!

A beautiful Pigeon Forge cabin.Where to Stay

Our Pigeon Forge cabins will put you near all the best places to ride go karts! You’ll have easy access to the Pigeon Forge Parkway and be just minutes from all the excitement. We have beautiful cabins that range from 1 bedroom to 9 bedrooms. Enjoy amenities like flat-screen TVs, hot tubs, wrap-around porches with gorgeous mountain views, and more!

You’ll definitely want to try go-kart racing when you visit Pigeon Forge. Browse all our Pigeon Forge cabins and start planning your trip to the best places to ride go karts in Pigeon Forge!