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Smoky Flavors From the South: 4 Reasons Why You Can Find the Best BBQ in Pigeon Forge

You’ve got to try true Tennessee BBQ when you are on vacation in Pigeon Forge! There are so many great places in the Smoky Mountains to try some tasty meats that have been traditionally slow-smoked and rubbed with herbs and spices. If you are looking for smoky flavors from the South, you made a great decision to visit Pigeon Forge! Here are 4 reasons why you can find the best BBQ in Pigeon Forge:

1. Authentic Style

puckett's restaurant pigeon forgeSouthern BBQ is rooted in local tradition! You can truly see the passion shine through when you try out some of the best BBQ in Pigeon Forge. Tennessee BBQ is its own style in itself. The BBQ restaurants in the area honor the traditions passed down from generations! The style is known for its mouthwatering pulled pork shoulder and pork ribs. Find the pork covered in either a dry rub or a sauce after the BBQ is smoked to perfection! You are going to want to try out all the different sauces and varieties!

2. Options

When you are hunting for the best BBQ in Pigeon Forge, expect to find a good amount of options scattered around the town. There are over 10 places to choose from in the area offering up that tasty Tennessee BBQ you are craving! Many of these BBQ joints in Pigeon Forge have been around for decades. Puckett’s Restaurant is a great place to try out some tasty BBQ! There you can get delicious low and slow cherry wood-smoked BBQ. If you are looking for another spot to try out some of the best BBQ in Pigeon Forge, go to Calhoun’s! Enjoy some of the tastiest hickory-smoked pulled pork in the area!

3. Cooking Method

plate of ribs bbqTrue Tennessee BBQ is known for its amazing smoky flavor! The secret to this flavor is the combination of seasonings, sauces, and then being smoked over hickory wood. You can find this cooking method when you try out some of the best BBQ in Pigeon Forge! Enjoy the mix of spices and herbs rubbed into these tasty cuts of meat. It takes great care and preparation to create the end product as well as many hours of smoking the meat!

4. Southern Hospitality

The south is known for its southern hospitality! When you are trying out some of the best BBQ in Pigeon Forge, expect a side of outstanding southern hospitality! Feel at home as you chow down and enjoy tasty meat with great service. A good amount of the BBQ joints in the area have live music on select nights as well. Enjoy listening to live music with your family and friends while trying out the flavorful BBQ combinations! You will have fun and make great memories!

Are you craving BBQ after learning the 4 reasons why you can find the best BBQ in Pigeon Forge? There are so many great options for BBQ and other tasty Southern food in the Smokies! Are you interested in learning about more places to eat when you stay with us? Check out these other tasty restaurants in Pigeon Forge! Enjoy your time in the Smokies!

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