3 Reasons Why a Pigeon Forge Cabin Rental is Better than a Hotel

a 2 bedroom cabin in Pigeon Forge TN
June 22, 2022

One of the most important aspects of any vacation is deciding where you’ll stay. The Smoky Mountains have no shortage of accommodation options, from hotels and motels to condos and chalets, but there is one choice that is far better than the rest: cabins! When looking for convenience, affordability, privacy, and comfort, there are no better places to stay in Pigeon Forge TN than cabins! Check out these 3 reasons why a Pigeon Forge cabin rental is better than a hotel:

1. More Size Options

heavenly hideaway living room

One thing that sets a Pigeon Forge cabin rental apart from a hotel is that you have a wider variety of sizes to choose from. At a cramped hotel or motel, you usually get stuck with one small room equipped with either one or two beds and a mini-fridge and microwave if you’re lucky. This puts a serious limit on how many people you can invite along on your trip without having to spend a lot of extra money on more rooms. But when you stay with us, you’ll get to choose how many bedrooms you need, from 1 all the way up to 9!

Our 2 bedroom cabins are the perfect size for a small family vacation with your spouse and one or two kids. With 2 bedrooms, you’ll still be able to escape to your own private area when you need a little peace and quiet, and your kids will enjoy having a space of their own, too!

If you’re traveling with a larger group of friends or extended family, our 6-9 bedroom cabins can sleep up to 30 people! You’d have to rent at least 8 rooms to comfortably accommodate this many people if you chose to stay in a hotel or motel, but our cabins make it possible for your whole group to stay all together in the same cabin, while still having the luxury of your own private bedrooms.

2. More for Your Money

The Wagon Wheel Lodge in Pigeon Forge.

Another wonderful aspect of staying in a Pigeon Forge cabin rental versus a hotel or motel is you get much more for your money. Not only do you get a lot more room like we mentioned earlier, but there are also dozens of luxurious and fun amenities that come included with your stay!

When you stay in a hotel, you’re lucky to have access to a small refrigerator and microwave, which makes it difficult to enjoy a meal in your room. In turn, you’ll end up spending a lot more money than necessary on meals out on the town. Luckily, each of our cabins is equipped with a large kitchen stocked with all the cookware and table settings needed to prepare delicious meals for your family! You’ll be able to enjoy breakfast or lunch in the comfort of your cabin and splurge on an exciting dinner in Pigeon Forge!

Another thing that makes our cabins the best places to stay in Pigeon Forge TN is that they also have all the extras that will make your stay fun from beginning to end. Your kids will love playing games and watching movies in the game and theater rooms. The adults of the group will enjoy watching the sunrise in the mornings from the privacy of your cabin’s covered deck. And you will all love the bubbling hot tub so much that we bet you’ll start daydreaming about installing one at your house back home!

3. More Privacy in a Great Location

pigeon forge 1 bedroom cabin

Last but definitely not least, staying in a Pigeon Forge cabin rental provides you with the private setting that will make your retreat peaceful and quiet, but you’ll still be only a few minutes drive from all of the most popular Pigeon Forge attractions. Your cabin will be nestled back in your own private corner of our resort, creating a peaceful environment for a few days of relaxation. You’ll get to take in all the gorgeous scenery without noise pollution from cars or other tourists. But when you’re ready for a day of fun and adventure, you can hop in your car and be on the Pigeon Forge Parkway in minutes. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

Now you know why a cabin is better than a hotel! Are you ready for your next vacation? Look through our Pigeon Forge cabin rentals and book one of the best places to stay in Pigeon Forge TN today. It’s time for the peaceful and relaxing vacation you’ve been craving!