4 Reasons to Visit The Moon Pie Store in Pigeon Forge

moon pie on paper
October 19, 2022

Are you a fan of delicious and unique MoonPie treats? If so, you’ll be excited to hear Pigeon Forge, Tennessee has a large store called Moon Pie General Store and Original Book Warehouse! These tasty treats are made with graham cookies and have a marshmallow filling between them. The cookies are then dipped in a flavor coating. Sounds yummy, doesn’t it!? At the store, you can purchase baked fresh MoonPies, nostalgic gifts, and more! Here are 4 reasons to visit the Moon Pie store in Pigeon Forge:

1. Bakery Fresh

moon pie on white Chattanooga Bakery has been crafting delicious MoonPies since the early 1900s! These tasty treats were first created as a filling snack and were popular with servicemen. Chattanooga Bakery became well known nationwide for making these popular treats! Moon Pie General Store and Original Book Warehouse in Pigeon Forge are just one of the locations in the South that serves up these bakery fresh treats. All the MoonPies at the Moon Pie store in Pigeon Forge come from less than 150 miles away at Chattanooga Bakery. Talk about fresh!

2. MoonPie Merchandise

Every MoonPie fan needs MoonPie merchandise to show the world how much you love these tasty treats! At the moon pie store in Pigeon Forge, find an assortment of themed merchandise! Discover unique MoonPie themed t-shirts, tin signs, magnets, mugs, cookie jars, shot glasses, and much more all around the store! Get a gift for someone back home or splurge on yourself. If you are looking for a traditional logo or funny merchandise you can find it all at Moon Pie General Store.

3. Different Flavors

Aerial view of the Parkway in Pigeon Forge.

Moon Pies come in so many different flavors! Over the years, the company that creates MoonPies has experimented with unique flavors. If you haven’t tried all the unique flavors, you have the chance to when you visit the Moon Pie store in Pigeon Forge. Find unique flavors like chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry, lemon, orange, and even caramel. When you decide on what MoonPie you want, purchase them individually or get them in a box of 12. Feel free to mix and match as well! The different flavors make great gifts too. Surprise someone back home with a unique flavor that you normally cannot find in the stores back home. Enjoy trying out all the delicious flavors!

4. Books and Novelty Gifts

Moon Pie General Store and Original Book Warehouse in Pigeon Forge also have more than their bakery fresh MoonPies! In this large warehouse, find a huge selection of books and Smoky Mountain gifts. You’ll have a great time browsing all the books and looking at the unique gifts available for purchase. The books are always changing so check out back for new materials!

Are you ready to try some tasty bakery fresh MoonPies after learning the 4 reasons to visit the Moon Pie store in Pigeon Forge? If you love unique stores with tasty treats and fun gifts, be sure to check out creameries, bakeries, and candy stores in Pigeon Forge TN. Have a great time exploring Pigeon Forge and the Smoky Mountains!