Chimney Tops Trail
June 2, 2023

Most people come to the Smoky Mountains to see breathtaking views of the mountains. There are several ways you can enjoy the views, and one of the most fun ways is to go hiking! You’ll be able to enjoy a variety of trail difficulties, so no matter if you’re just getting started or you’ve been hiking for years, you’ll find a trail with beautiful views! Here are 5 of the best trails in the Smoky Mountains with mountain views:

1. Alum Cave

alum cave in the smoky mountains

At 4.6 miles roundtrip, the hike to Alum Cave is considered moderate. You’ll pass by all kinds of cool natural features, including one called Arch Rock that the trail passes under! Enjoy wooded views along the trail, and hiking along stone staircases. This trail is one of the most popular ways to get to the summit of Mount LeConte, so you might see quite a few people along the trail! Once you reach the bluffs, you’ll be amazed by their size, and you’ll be able to look out at the Smokies.

2. Andrews Bald

One of the best trails in the Smoky Mountains with views is Andrews Bald. This moderate-to-difficult trail is 3.6 miles roundtrip, and you’ll gain over 1,000 feet in elevation when you hike it! You’ll pass through old forest growth with huge trees until you come up on the bald, which is a meadow on the top of a mountain. Andrews Bald provides hikers with sweeping views of the mountains from the grassy meadow. Many hikers pack a picnic lunch to enjoy once they’re at the top of the mountain, and others stop and look out at the views for a while!

3. Charlies Bunion

charlies bunion in the smokies

Charlies Bunion is an 8-mile roundtrip hiking trail that is considered difficult. If you want to see mountain views like none other, this is a great hike to go on because you won’t just see them at the end, you’ll get to enjoy views all along the hike! Within the first mile, you’ll get to look out at the North Carolina Smokies towards the south. At about 2 miles in, you’ll be able to look at Mount LeConte! Once you reach Charlies Bunion, a rock cropping at the top of the mountain, your breath will be taken away by the incredible views of the Smokies in the distance.

4. Chimney Tops

Although Chimney Tops is only 3.6 miles roundtrip, it is considered difficult because of the 1,300-foot elevation gain you’ll gain in a short distance. The original lookout point of Chimney Tops was destroyed by the 2016 wildfires, but the National Park Service worked on the trail and created a new lookout point where hikers can look out at the mountains, and the views are worth the trek!

5. Gregory Bald

gregory bald

Another one of the best trails in the Smoky Mountains that includes a grassy meadow at the top of a mountain is Gregory Bald! This hike is 11.6 miles roundtrip if you take Gregory Ridge Trail, and it is considered difficult. Hikers will make their way through old forest growth, and if you happen to be hiking this trail in the spring or early summer, you’ll find an unbelievable amount of fire azalea in bloom! No matter what time of the year you do the hike, you’ll have amazing views of the Smoky Mountains!

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These are just some of the best trails in the Smoky Mountains with mountain views you’ll want to experience! Want to know what else you should do when you stay with us on your next trip? Check out these fun things to do in Pigeon Forge!